Welcome to the Center for Integral Health. The initial visit will be approximately two hours for adults and one to two hours for children. Follow-up visits are scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial visit and are approximately 30-60 minutes in length. At the end of the first visit, your doctor may give you a Follow-up Visit Report Form which you should bring to your second appointment.

Please consider if you would like to volunteer to have your case videotaped. We would like to use the tape to help teach students homeopathic medicine. There is a video consent form which you can sign.

New Patient Appointments

Prior arrangements should be made for your children, as the appointment is too long for them to wait in the office, there is no one available to supervise them and space is very limited. For a child's visit, only the child and parents or guardians should be present.


Non-Medicare Patients

  • Initial Office Visit
    • Adult: (13 years and up) ..................$425.00
    • Child: (3-12 years) ...........................$250.00 up to 2 hours**
    • Infant: (0-2 years) .............................$160.00 up to 1 1/4 hours**
      • **There will be additional charges if more time is needed.
  • Return Visits (all ages) ............................. $75.00-$120.00
  • Telephone Consults & E-mail .................. $2.00 per minute, with a minimum charge of $30.00 per consultation (this includes reading and researching with E-mail charges).

Medicare Patients

  • Initial Office Visit-Adult .......................... $327.62 to $434.67 up to 2 1/4 hours**
  • Return Visits ..............................................$22.18 to $153.12
    • **There will be additional charges if more time is needed.

All Office Visits

A 48-hour notice is required on all cancellations, otherwise charges for that visit will be billed to your account.


All fees must be paid in full (cash, check or charge) at the time of the visit. We accept Visa, Discover and Master Card. A receipt will be given to you which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. For Medicare, all fees must be paid in full at the time of the visit, and once paid we will submit claims to Medicare for your reimbursement.

Records of Release

Mail the Release of Records form to your previous doctors for any information you want sent to us, such as lab reports and X-rays. Download and print the Release of Records (Adobe PDF).

Health History Form

Fill out both sides of this form and bring it to your initial appointment. Please try to summarize in the space provided and only use additional sheets of paper if absolutely necessary. Download and print a health history form for: Adults (Adobe PDF) or Pediatrics (Adobe PDF).

Acute and Chronic Follow-up forms

You may download and print these acute and chronic follow-up forms for use on follow-up visits.
Acute Follow-Up Form (Adobe PDF)
Acute Follow-Up Form (MS Word) 
Chronic Follow-up Form (Adobe PDF)
Chronic Follow-up Form (MS Word)


Please bring a recent photograph of passport size that will become a part of your file.

No perfumes

We ask that you please not wear perfume, cologne, body oil, hair spray or fragrances of any kind, due to the sensitivity of some of our patients.

Further Information to Our Patients

What should you expect during your homeopathic treatment?

Initial aggravation

Be aware that when you take a homeopathic remedy with a high degree of similarity while under treatment with a chronic problem, you may experience at first an aggravation of your symptoms. This aggravation is usually mild and typically starts within 24 hours of taking the remedy. This initial aggravation usually lasts from 12 to 72 hours. It typically consists of feeling more tired, more irritable, more sleepy or headachy. Any little aches and pains may be heightened in intensity. The best way to deal with this aggravation is to rest it out, or go to bed early. Be aware that the more acute your problem is the less likely you will be to experience an initial aggravation. During the initial aggravation or soon afterwards, you should start to notice (if the remedy has a high degree of similarity) some symptoms starting to improve and an increasing feeling of well being. This signifies that you have taken a good remedy.

Recovery of Health

This feeling of well being and improvement of your symptoms following the initial aggravation signals that your organism has reacted positively to the remedy and you are on your way to health recovery. This state of improvement may get progressively better for weeks and weeks.


The improvement experienced following the first dose of the remedy will come to a halt after some time. This usually happens anytime from one to several weeks after the first dose. If nothing is done you will slowly notice that the symptoms are starting to return to a state prior to that of the first dose. This situation is called a relapse. A relapse is the sign to take the second dose of the remedy. However do not repeat the remedy by yourself unless instructed by your physician. Often after the first week of feeling better you may experience a short and temporary relapse that lasts about one day. At that time we do not intervene. Soon you will continue to improve again. No intervention is needed for this short and temporary relapse. When the relapse lasts for 2 to 5 days this is more likely to be a real relapse and signal the time for the physician to redose you.

Acute Condition

While under homeopathic care you may develop acute conditions such as flu, sore throats, migraine, injuries, etc. At that time it is always better to be treated with homeopathy. If you suffer from such an acute problem requiring a medical intervention but not an emergency it is always better to contact your homeopathic physician for a remedy to address your new acute state. Follow the instructions to fill out an acute condition report. Fax in or e-mail your report. Telephone the office and state that you need to talk to the doctor by the end of the day. We will try to return the call that day or the next morning. If we did not reach you by the middle of the next day, phone again. We may have had problems reaching you. The doctor will then ask you questions to complete the picture of the acute problem and then prescribe you a remedy. Many pharmacies and health food stores carry homeopathic remedies. You can also have it shipped to you overnight by mail.

Remedy given in water

Often when someone is suffering from an acute problem the remedy addressing the acute problem may have to be repeated often until a beginning of an improvement is experienced. If the remedy needs to be repeated often your homeopathic physician may ask you to take the first dose dry in the mouth. After waiting for a certain interval of time as determined by your physician, the remedy will need to be repeated, but this time in water.

Here are the insruction on how to do this:

  • Put one pellet or a few globules in half a glass of water (about 4 to 6 ounces),
  • stir with a spoon (metal is alright) briskly about thirty times.
  • The pellets or smaller globules do not need to be all dissolved.
  • Take one teaspoonful of this glass if instructed so, then cover the glass.
  • If another dose is required the same water is stirred again about thirty times and a teaspoon full of this water is taken as a dose.
  • The water properly covered can remained medicated for days and weeks.
  • At times your physician may ask you to take one teaspoon of water of this glass and put it in another glass half full of water and stir the water of the second glass briskly.
  • This process of preparing your remedy from one glass to the other may be done with a succession of several glasses depending on the instructions of your physician.


During the course of homeopathic treatment the next appointment is usually set at the end of each appointment. If for some reason in between the two appointments you are not feeling well on the chronic level, and you next appointment is set too far away, telephone for an earlier appointment. If your problem is acute in nature, refer to above.


During homeopathic treatment it is preferable as a rule not to palliate any discomfort or symptoms with drugs and other treatments. If you are presently taking allopathic medications for chronic problems or acute recurrent problems like asthma do not change your allopathic medications, however, make sure to mention all medications you are taking. Before introducing any new allopathic medication, consult your homeopathic physician first. We do not want you to palliate your symptoms as this would prevent your homeopathic physician from perceiving the natural course and expression of your condition by suppressing the symptoms. Also, as is often the case with allopathic medications, these may be new symptoms from adverse reactions to the allopathic medication. Unless an emergency, always consult with your homeopathic physician upon any introduction of a palliative measure which can include over the counter drugs, dentistry and chiropractic, lip balm, tar shampoo, tiger balm, etc. Basically this would include any measures used to palliate or to suppress symptoms without eliminating the cause.

Dentistry and elective surgery:

While under homeopathic treatment dental work or any elective surgery can antidote your reaction to the homeopathic remedy you have taken. Prior to starting dental work or getting an elective surgery, ask advice of your homeopathic physician as to the best timing for these interventions.


Any strong influences could antidote your reaction to a remedy taken. It all depends on you level of susceptibility to any such influence. An antidotal effect occurs when you are reacting more to the new influence than to the remedy previously taken. For some people coffee will antidote their reaction to the homeopathic remedy while for others it is not a problem. Typically very strong drugs when introduced during homeopathic treatment will antidote beneficial reactions to the homeopathic remedy. This is especially true for "recreational" drugs but less so for alcohol. Strong stress will also have an antidotal effect.

Where to obtain homeopathic remedies: