The New Homeopath, Journal of the Society of Homeopaths in the UK

Summer 2022 | 41 : 2

by Timothy Fior MD. DABHM 

Reviewed by Francis Treuherz RSHom 

First and continuing impressions of this book are impressive; it is full size US letter with a photograph of the Hahnemann Monument in Washington DC on the front. The pages have two columns, in effect doubling the amount of information. It is subtitled with some of the 28 chapter headings: Case Taking, Case Analysis, Case Management and 19 Polychrests. The author is an experienced homeopathic physician from Illinois, trained by the French Canadian homeopath André Saine, who is the inspiration for the book. 

The initial chapters set the tone, they demonstrate the painstaking details of how to interview a patient, analyze the information and use a repertory and identify the simillimum. There are long lists of questions and possible answers, rubrics and remedy abbreviations. It is the most thorough example of its kind I have ever seen. There are case examples from classical authors and illustrations with diagrams and photographs on how to measure the progress of a patient. The use of book repertories is explained and then there are numerous colored computer repertory charts in MacRepertory style throughout the book. There is a lovely section on the care of infants. Most of the practice cases and those in the materia medica section are from well-known authors from our history like Hahnemann, Hering, Lippe and Boenninghausen. 

The polychrests materia medica section not only provides information, but the true style, how to explore a remedy starting with the big three, LycopodiumCalcarea carbonica and Sulphur, and ten more. There are keynotes and subtleties. From this foundation you can study remedies from our literature and know what to look for. This section continues to be illustrated with fascinating computer charts. There are few flaws, and there are some minor misprints. There is a page of useful endnotes. 

Studying this book can provide a firm foundation for newcomers to homeopathy and great revision for someone starting out in practice and also for the more experienced homeopath. 

Francis Treuherz in practice since 1984, Fellow of the Society, former journal editor, Board member for 20+ years; taught many seminars; wrote two books. Former trustee of the British Homeopathic Association and the Homeopathic Action Trust. An incurable collector of homeopathy books and artifacts.